March 19, 2008

Vermicomposting Bucket

Photos of the vermicomposting bucket (made by Wonderful Husband Charles) just didn't do it justice.  In fact, a photo of the inside of the bucket after an application of worm feed (aka "worm salsa") looked downright unappetizing. 

Here's an illustration of the vermicomposting system that we use.  Its parts include:
  1. Loose-fitting lid that allows air circulation
  2. Opaque, five-gallon bucket
  3. Smaller bucket, punched all over with small holes to allow fresh air to reach the soil
  4. Metal mesh cylinder running through the center of the soil; empty, to promote aeration
  5. Layer of soil to prevent odors from escaping and to provide darkness and moisture for the food layer
  6. Layer of "worm salsa," the worm feed that we prepare using vegetable scraps
  7. Soil and castings created by our worms, red wigglers and night crawlers
WH Charles created this system using materials we had on hand (well, except for the worms themselves).  You may purchase a vermicomposting system from many sources online.  The "upward migration" style allows you to harvest castings without losing your worms.  We will release our worms when we apply the compost to our garden this spring.

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